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7 Best Spots for Soup in Downtown Phoenix

March 30, 2018 by Lauren Potter

Céntrico Downtown Phoenix chicken tortilla soup

(Photo: Lauren Potter)

It’s no secret: the Downtown Phoenix dining scene is thriving. In the past year alone, more than a dozen bars and restaurants have opened. With more than 170-plus dining options, downtown is not only the place to get the best breakfast, pizza and burger in Arizona — it’s also home to some pretty stellar soups.

So if you’re looking for a savory spoonful of goodness, look no further.

Noodle Bar / 114 W. Adams Street

Curry ramen with stewed vegetables and braised beef rib from Noodle Bar in Downtown Phoenix. (Photo: Lauren Potter)

As the name suggests, Noodle Bar specializes in noodle dishes with a focus on Japanese and Italian cuisine. The Japanese half of the menu is concise with five stellar ramen dishes all made with artisan noodles and rich house-butchered broths. Our top choice is the curry ramen. You don’t often see this style of curry on menus around town — and with its colossal braised beef rib and perfectly stewed veggies, it’s the ultimate comfort food. Pro tip: It doesn’t come with egg, but you can add it for an additional cost.

Vegan House / 20 W. Adams Street

Vegan House vegetable with Vermicelli noodle soup Downtown Phoenix

Vegan vegetable and vermicelli noodle soup with soy chicken and a side of summer rolls. (Photo: Lauren Potter)

Not into meat? No problem. Vegan House is home to several veg-friendly soup options that are both delicious and healthy. One of our top picks the vegetable and vermicelli noodle soup. It’s loaded with fresh vegetables like carrots, cabbage and zucchini as well as vegan “chicken” and thin rice noodles. Other soup options include a vegan “seafood” hot pot, seaweed with tofu, and Thai coconut.

Deli Tavern /120 N. Central Avenue

Turkey noodle soup from Downtown Deli in Downtown Phoenix

The patio at Downtown Deli Tavern overlooks Central Avenue south of Monroe Street. (Photo: Lauren Potter)

Soup with a view? Yes, please. Deli Tavern is known for its carbo-licious comfort food — think French fried chicken, burgers, fried PB&J, etc. — but when we get a hankering for a home-style soup, we head here. Turkey noodle with a rich broth and rustic chunks of carrots is the only option on the menu, but it’s solid. And no matter what we’re eating (or drinking) we always feel so urban when seated on the patio.

Cornish Pasty Co. / 7 W. Monroe Street

Mushroom walnut and spinach soup from Cornish Pasty in Downtown Phoenix

Mushroom, walnut and spinach soup from Cornish Pasty Co. (Photo: Lauren Potter)

Not only is Cornish Pasty Co. a great place for a pint, it’s also a great place for soup. Five made-from-scratch soups are on the menu including four vegetarian options, one vegan and one for the meat eaters. Our favorite is the mushroom, walnut and spinach — it’s hearty, but not overly rich and creamy. What makes also makes Cornish Pasty a great option for soup is that whether you order a cup or a bowl, it’s served with house-made bread and butter.

Tom Yum Thai / 110 N. Central Avenue

Seafood Tom Yum from Tom Yum Thai in Downtown Phoenix

Tom yum soup with seafood and a side of green mango salad with shrimp. (Photo: Lauren Potter)

Feel a cold coming on? There’s a soup for that. If there’s any dish that’ll cure what ails you, it’s the hot and sour soup from Tom Yum Thai. Yes, chicken noodle is known for it’s healing properties, but so is spice and this soup can be as mild or as spicy as you like. With Thai herbs, chili paste, mushrooms, tomatoes and your choice of protein (we chose seafood), this soup will leave your belly happy.

Canyon Café (Arizona Center) / 455 N. Third Street

Poblano chicken chowder with a side Cesar salad from Canyon Cafe at the Arizona Center

(Photo: Lauren Potter)

With its flavorful New Mexican cuisine and scenic view of the Arizona Center grotto, Canyon Cafe is a Downtown Phoenix staple. And if you’re looking for a rich, creamy soup with just the right amount of spice, they’ve got you covered. The poblano chicken chowder is deliciously addictive and will definitely leave you feeling full. Pro tip: They also make a mean “limit two” margarita.

Céntrico / 202 N. Central Avenue

Céntrico Downtown Phoenix chicken tortilla soup

(Photo: Lauren Potter)

Céntrico is one of the latest additions to the Downtown Phoenix dining scene. While its staples are Mexican favorites like street tacos and chilaquiles (plus a burger and some salads, too) — it’s also home to an amazing bowl of chicken tortilla soup. This baby is the real deal, made-from-scratch kind of soup with a perfectly balanced broth. There’s tons of tender chicken, tiny diced veggies and house-made tortilla strips topped with cotija and avocado. Seriously. What’s not to love? Find Céntrico on the ground floor of Hotel San Carlos on the northwest corner of Central Avenue and Monroe Street. Follow Céntrico on Instagram for updates and details.