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Category: Community Commentary

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  • Calaveras

    Day of the Dead art is prevalent in Downtown Phoenix. more >

  • The Rat Pack

    Marilyn Monroe, Alice Cooper, Jack Nickelson, and James Dean are a few of the icons hanging out in Downtown Phoenix. more >

  • A Reminder of Rose

    Phoenix artist Rose Johnson passed away a little over a year ago but her work lives on at 16th Street and Thomas. more >

  • Urban Art Thriving

    Fantastic murals bolster Central Phoenix public arts scene. more >

  • Second City Has Arizona Pegged

    Watching Second City perform at the Herberger was like watching Saturday Night Live, only funny. more >

  • Spotlight Shines on Downtown Warehouse District

    Jane's Walk draws attention to our walkable neighborhoods, including Downtown's underutilized Warehouse District. more >

  • Walk for Urbanism in the Warehouse District

    Come to Jane's Walk 2010 on May 1 and see how Phoenix's beautiful and historic warehouses are being adapted for reuse. more >

  • My Dream to Rebuild the Fleming Building

    Historic buildings shouldn't live only in our memories. more >

  • Ramada Important to Downtown History

    Mid-century buildings are the next set of historic properties and we should think long and hard before tearing them down. more >

  • Her Secret is Patience

    Say what you want about the almost-iconic floating sculpture at Phoenix Civic Space Park, but it's just the beginning of what Downtown can do with public art. more >

1 17 18