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Category: Business Development

  • Her Secret is Patience

    Say what you want about the almost-iconic floating sculpture at Phoenix Civic Space Park, but it's just the beginning of what Downtown can do with public art. more >

  • Community Commentary: More Parking for Downtown

    The Ramada Inn is one of the few Downtown buildings built up to the street, a necessary component of an urban city. Now it's being torn down. more >

  • Oakville Grocery in CityScape

    Gourmet "Little Country Store" takes place of A.J.'s Fine Foods as grocer in Downtown retail and entertainment development. more >

  • Phoenix Art Deco Redeveloped

    Is there a new tenant in store for one of Downtown's most stylish and historic structures? more >

  • Irwin, Fairbanks Among DREAMR Winners

    The longtime Downtown Phoenix Partnership Chairman and Phoenix City Manager were two of the influential winners honored at Monday's 16th Annual DREAMR Awards. more >

  • Grow From the Ground Up

    The empty, embarrassing dirt lots and surface parking make Downtown look and feel nothing like an urban city, but more like a rural farming community. Why is none of our development happening in the Central Corridor? more >

  • An Entire Community at One Address

    Even if you don't know the difference between an iPod, an iPad, or an iCarly, here are some easy ways you can join our online community. more >

  • Downtown Dining Highlights Organic and Local Produce

    Show your support for local growers by frequenting these overtly organic Downtown Phoenix dining spots. more >

  • Chance of Rain but No Chance of Boredom

    It's not humanly possible to attend everything going on in Downtown Phoenix. But even if you try and fail, you still win. more >

  • For Downtown Pioneers, This Weekend Tops All Others

    If you're looking for a sterling example of Downtown's palpable energy, you won't find a better weekend on the calendar than the one upon us. more >