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Category: Bars & Nightlife

  • An Entire Community at One Address

    Even if you don't know the difference between an iPod, an iPad, or an iCarly, here are some easy ways you can join our online community. more >

  • Chance of Rain but No Chance of Boredom

    It's not humanly possible to attend everything going on in Downtown Phoenix. But even if you try and fail, you still win. more >

  • The Crazies Visit The District

    The Sheraton Phoenix Downtown is a 31-floor architectural marvel bolstered by amazing amenities and captivating views. But how does its signature restaurant measure up? more >

  • Tasting Arizona Wine at the Public Market

    Stop by the Phoenix Public Market for a tasting of Arizona-made wines. You'll be surprised and discover something new and exciting. KHB7BAWERPKS more >

  • More Than a Martini

    A night begun at Hanny's, the ultra-modern-but-not-too-hip Downtown Phoenix hot spot, remains open to infinite possibilities. more >

  • For Downtown Pioneers, This Weekend Tops All Others

    If you're looking for a sterling example of Downtown's palpable energy, you won't find a better weekend on the calendar than the one upon us. more >

  • Kathy Griffin Coming to the Dodge

    You won't see Kathy Griffin on "The View" or "The Tonight Show," but you can see her celebrity skewering comedy act Saturday at Dodge Theatre. more >

  • Downtown Lite

    With New Year's Resolutions on diet and general health in full effect, here is your guide to healthy dining options Downtown. more >

  • NYE Downtown Style

    Nobody does New Year's Eve like Downtown Phoenix. Here are just a few of the ways Downtown is helping you say goodbye to the Aughts. more >

  • Downtown Phoenix Goes Mobile

    Now it's as easy to keep your finger on the pulse of Downtown Phoenix as it is to play Monkey Jump on your iPhone. more >