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Category: Travel, Shopping & Leisure

  • Be Our Valentine

    Downtown Phoenix is spreading lots of love (and gifts) this Valentine's Day Weekend. more >

  • Design a Downtown Date Contest

    Reveal your game plan for the perfect Valentine's Day date in Downtown Phoenix. The most creative and romantic date descriptions will win one of two (2) $25 gift cards to Kincaid's Fish, Chop & Steak House. more >

  • Mesmerize Your Valentine On a Dime

    You don't have to empty your wallet to treat your guy or gal to a memorable Valentine's Day in Downtown Phoenix. more >

  • An Entire Community at One Address

    Even if you don't know the difference between an iPod, an iPad, or an iCarly, here are some easy ways you can join our online community. more >

  • Chance of Rain but No Chance of Boredom

    It's not humanly possible to attend everything going on in Downtown Phoenix. But even if you try and fail, you still win. more >

  • Tasting Arizona Wine at the Public Market

    Stop by the Phoenix Public Market for a tasting of Arizona-made wines. You'll be surprised and discover something new and exciting. KHB7BAWERPKS more >

  • 5 Ways to Get People Thinking About Alternative Transportation Downtown

    Curbside taxi service at light rail stations, bike rental kiosks, increased bike racks, and the Zipcar car sharing program are just a few ways Downtown can continue its push to become a leader in alternative transportation. more >

  • Downtown Lite

    With New Year's Resolutions on diet and general health in full effect, here is your guide to healthy dining options Downtown. more >

  • Spend Christmas Day a New Way

    I'll be spending my last hours on Wednesday night fighting with the rest of the mall rats and pulling my hair out over finding the perfect last minute gift. Needless to say, that leaves no time for cooking or entertaining so I'm letting someone else do it for me this year. If you're in the same boat, relax and spend your Christmas Day, December 25th this way. more >

  • 20 Great Gift Ideas Under $20 Along the Light Rail

    Shopping for holiday gifts in Downtown Phoenix is easy thanks to our light rail system, which is celebrating one year in service this weekend. more >