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Category: Travel, Shopping & Leisure

  • Tasting Arizona Wine at the Public Market

    Stop by the Phoenix Public Market for a tasting of Arizona-made wines. You'll be surprised and discover something new and exciting. KHB7BAWERPKS more >

  • 5 Ways to Get People Thinking About Alternative Transportation Downtown

    Curbside taxi service at light rail stations, bike rental kiosks, increased bike racks, and the Zipcar car sharing program are just a few ways Downtown can continue its push to become a leader in alternative transportation. more >

  • Downtown Lite

    With New Year's Resolutions on diet and general health in full effect, here is your guide to healthy dining options Downtown. more >

  • Spend Christmas Day a New Way

    I'll be spending my last hours on Wednesday night fighting with the rest of the mall rats and pulling my hair out over finding the perfect last minute gift. Needless to say, that leaves no time for cooking or entertaining so I'm letting someone else do it for me this year. If you're in the same boat, relax and spend your Christmas Day, December 25th this way. more >

  • 20 Great Gift Ideas Under $20 Along the Light Rail

    Shopping for holiday gifts in Downtown Phoenix is easy thanks to our light rail system, which is celebrating one year in service this weekend. more >

  • The Burton Barr Library

    Libraries have kept safe the most treasured ideas human beings ever had. While access to ideas and information at the click of a button in a marvelous achievement, people still need a place to come together to share that knowledge, to teach and be taught. And the Burton Barr Central Library Downtown is an excellent place to do that. more >

  • Mariachi and Tequila, Together at Last

    Tequila and mariachi pair up like black beans and enchiladas, Bert and Ernie, or starlets and tiny dogs. They were made for each other. Happily, the two are finally featured together at one venue Saturday at US Airways Center. more >

  • Submit Your Nominations for DREAMR, Best of Downtown Awards

    The DREAMR awards honor those individuals and organizations whose vision and energy best exemplify the spirit of renewal in Downtown Phoenix. Nominations are currently being accepted for DREAMR as well as the 2009 Best of Downtown Phoenix Awards. more >

  • A Victorian Christmas at Rosson House

    I have tender places in my heart for old-timey Christmas traditions, hot chocolate, and free stuff. So when I heard about the Victorian Christmas events Rosson House this weekend, I was totally pumped. more >

  • Stress-Free Ways To Entertain Relatives

    Will you feel joy, a rush of nostalgia or the urge to pull out every last hair on your head? If your relatives are coming for the holidays, you’ll probably feel a little of each. To keep your hair firmly on your head, though, here are some suggestions to keep your family busy and happy while reducing stress and spending. more >