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Category: Spotlight

  • Grow From the Ground Up

    The empty, embarrassing dirt lots and surface parking make Downtown look and feel nothing like an urban city, but more like a rural farming community. Why is none of our development happening in the Central Corridor? more >

  • Phoenix Symphony Gets the Led Out

    The excellence in execution of the Phoenix Symphony helped pay tribute to two of rock's most revered bands. more >

  • An Entire Community at One Address

    Even if you don't know the difference between an iPod, an iPad, or an iCarly, here are some easy ways you can join our online community. more >

  • Chance of Rain but No Chance of Boredom

    It's not humanly possible to attend everything going on in Downtown Phoenix. But even if you try and fail, you still win. more >

  • Led Zeppelin Getting Symphonic Rock Treatment at Dodge

    Fans of Led Zeppelin will want to be at Dodge Theatre Jan. 29 when the Music of Led Zeppelin will be backed by a 50-piece Phoenix Symphony Orchestra. more >

  • Black History Month in Downtown Phoenix

    Black History Month in February is a wonderful time for all people to pay homage to past and current African American achievements, culture and leaders. If you are interested in participating in Black History Month celebrations, lectures, expos, conferences and events in the downtown Phoenix area, here is a list of opportunities for you. more >

  • Kathy Griffin Coming to the Dodge

    You won't see Kathy Griffin on "The View" or "The Tonight Show," but you can see her celebrity skewering comedy act Saturday at Dodge Theatre. more >

  • Welcome to the Neighborhood Lola

    Lola Coffee has finally found her way Downtown and we couldn't be more delighted to welcome her to the neighborhood. more >

  • Downtown Phoenix Events To Honor Dr. Martin Luther King

    During the month of January, the Downtown Phoenix area will host numerous events to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. more >

  • Downtown Phoenix Goes Mobile

    Now it's as easy to keep your finger on the pulse of Downtown Phoenix as it is to play Monkey Jump on your iPhone. more >