Science With A Twist - Gods and Gladiatiors Bacchanal

@ Arizona Science Center

  • 600 E Washington St
  • Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Party like a Roman! Join AZ Science Center for a Pompeii-inspired Bacchanal, a festival of Bacchus, the Greco-Roman god of wine, freedom, intoxication and ecstacy. Lounge around like a Pompeian, drinking wine or a specialty cocktail, or ROME the Center's four levels, playing bocci in the "Temple of Jupiter" or trying your hand at Roman Knuckles. This is the perfect evening to experience the city destroyed but also preserved in POMPEII: THE EXHIBITION. You won’t want to miss the separate erotica section, a look into a Pompeian brothel. Guests may run into Bacchus himself, gladiators or even the Vestal Virgins. Come in your best toga - it’s totally worth sacrificing your bed sheets! 21+ over only. $10 - $12.

March 16th 6:00 PM,

April 20th 6:00 PM,

May 4th 6:00 PM,

June 15th 6:00 PM,

July 20th 6:00 PM,

August 17th 6:00 PM,

September 21st 6:00 PM,

October 5th 6:00 PM,

November 9th 6:00 PM