The Effect - iTheatre Collaborative

@ Herberger Theater Center

  • 222 E Monroe St
  • Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Is it love or just pharmacology? Hearts racing. Minds reeling. Knees buckling. Connie and Tristan have palpable chemistry—or is it a side effect of a new antidepressant? They are volunteers in a clinical trial, but their sudden and illicit romance forces the supervising doctors to face off over the ethical consequences of their work. Our pill-popping culture is on the examination table in this humorous and scintillating drama. Kax Stage. (Mature themes, language, and strong sexual content)

September 8th 08:00 PM,

September 15th 08:00 PM,

September 22nd 08:00 PM,

September 9th 08:00 PM,

September 16th 08:00 PM,

September 23rd 08:00 PM,

September 10th 02:00 PM,

September 14th 08:00 PM,

September 21st 08:00 PM