Man of La Mancha - Arizona Theatre Company

@ Herberger Theater Center

  • 222 E Monroe St
  • Phoenix, Arizona 85004
  • 602-256-6995

A new dream for a new era. Following the record-breaking success of ATC’s Fiddler on the Roof, they bring you a thrilling new production of the brilliant Tony Award-winning favorite about dreaming the impossible dream. Our quest is to bring you a Man of La Mancha that fully realizes the triumphant story and the score of beloved songs including the iconic “Impossible Dream” while pulsating with the vibrant culture of Spain. This exciting new staging takes inspiration from the spontaneous, raw theatricality of flamenco performance – focusing on the passion and virtuosity of the performers/musicians as they tell the intertwined stories of Don Quixote and his imprisoned creator, Miguel de Cervantes. This thrilling new staging will amplify the lasting power and potent emotions of this beloved musical. Center Stage. $46 - $85.

January 19th 8:00 PM,

January 20th 4:00 PM,

January 20th 8:00 PM,

January 21st 1:00 PM,

January 21st 7:00 PM,

January 23rd 7:30 PM,

January 24th 7:30 PM,

January 25th 2:00 PM,

January 25th 7:30 PM,

January 26th 8:00 PM,

January 27th 2:00 PM,

January 27th 8:00 PM,

January 28th 1:00 PM