Jack Rabbit & The Easter Basket

@ Great Arizona Puppet Theater

  • 302 W Latham St
  • Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Lost Canyon, Arizona is too far away for the Easter Bunny, so he gets his cousin, Jack Rabbit to help deliver Sally Johnson's Easter basket. But it's awful far and kind of dangerous! This cute musical is played with large rod puppets on the big stage! Recommended for ages 3 - 12. $7 - $10.

March 23rd 10:00 AM,

March 24th 10:00 AM,

March 24th 2:00 PM,

March 25th 2:00 PM,

March 28th 10:00 AM,

March 29th 10:00 AM,

March 30th 10:00 AM,

March 31st 10:00 AM,

March 31st 2:00 PM,

April 1st 2:00 PM