Intro to Laser Cutting

@ CREATE at AZ Science Center

  • 600 E Washington
  • Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Guests have the opportunity to learn how to use a laser cutter to cut, etch, and engrave designs in a variety of materials like acrylic, glass, metal, wood, paper, plastic, rubber, or stone. In this introductory workshop guests will personalize a design and watch as this versatile tool cuts and engraves at the touch of a button. $50.

December 22nd 5:00 PM,

January 6th 4:30 PM,

January 14th 1:00 PM,

January 18th 5:00 PM,

February 10th 4:30 PM,

February 18th 1:00 PM,

February 22nd 5:00 PM,

March 2nd 5:00 PM,

March 10th 12:00 PM,

March 17th 4:30 PM,

March 25th 1:00 PM,

March 29th 5:00 PM,

April 6th 5:00 PM,

April 14th 12:00 PM,

April 21st 4:30 PM,

April 29th 1:00 PM,

May 3rd 5:00 PM,

May 19th 12:00 PM,

May 26th 4:30 PM,

June 3rd 5:00 PM,

June 7th 5:00 PM,

June 15th 5:00 PM,

June 23rd 12:00 PM,

June 30th 4:30 PM