Mummies - Secrets of the Pharaohs

@ Arizona Science Center

  • 600 E Washington St
  • Phoenix, Arizona 85004

In this film, part historical journey, part forensic adventure. Follow explorers and scientists as they investigate the royal tombs of Egypt, piecing together the archeological and genetic clues of Egyptian mummies to increase our understanding of the culture, religion, medicine, and daily life of the Egyptians. Learn about groundbreaking research as scientists reconstruct mummy DNA to gain insight into modern human genetics and to advance medical treatments. Irene P. Flinn Giant-Screen Theater. $8. Everyday 11:30 PM & 2:30 PM

June 19th 11:30 AM,

June 26th 11:30 AM,

July 3rd 11:30 AM,

July 10th 11:30 AM,

July 17th 11:30 AM,

July 24th 11:30 AM,

July 31st 11:30 AM