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  • Downtown Place for Theater, Dance, Sports

    Lost In Yonkers, Ballet Arizona's Modern Masters, the Suns' playoff push, and Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour headline this week's Downtown happenings. more >

  • Downtown Goes Live Updates

    New details on Channel 12's Downtown coming out party, happening from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m. this Wednesday. more >

  • Best Mexican Food Downtown

    Take it from an Arizona Boy who takes his Mexican food very seriously: Verde offers quite possibly the best Mexican food ever served up in this city. Ever. more >

  • Ramada Important to Downtown History

    Mid-century buildings are the next set of historic properties and we should think long and hard before tearing them down. more >

  • The Crazies Reminisce About Old Arizona Club Over Lunch at a Downtown Staple

    Lunch at Tom's Restaurant & Tavern, which opened in 1929, is an interesting visit to at least check out the great photos of old Phoenix on the walls, but the Crazies converstion about the early days of the Arizona Club is the best part of the lunch. more >

  • Downtown Phoenix Events To Honor Dr. Martin Luther King

    During the month of January, the Downtown Phoenix area will host numerous events to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. more >

  • Fun and Games (and the Light Rail) Make Downtown Shine

    Downtown scavenger hunts unite like-minded optimists who are passionate about Downtown and want great things for Phoenix. There's another hunt on Saturday Nov. 14 centered around art, culture and the light rail. more >

  • Live Here

    Once defined by suburban sprawl, Phoenix is in the midst of a most-surprising reimagining: millennials, young professionals and baby boomers are leading a march back to the center city. For the first time in four decades, Downtown Phoenix is repopulating in a big way. Fueled by an ever increasing demand for a work/live/play/learn lifestyle and […] more >

  • Elegance and Architecture on Display at the Historic Roosevelt Home Tour

    On Sunday, Nov. 13, Roosevelt neighborhood residents will open up their private residences to share memories, stories and some fascinating facts during a home tour from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. more >

  • Eight Phoenix Startups Pitch For $100,000 in Rise of the Rest Competition

    Rise of the Rest Road Trip, a nationwide bus tour in search of talented entrepreneurs in emerging startup ecosystems, will be rolling into downtown Friday, Oct. 7. more >

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