The Calamari Sisters' Clam Bake

@ Herberger Theater Center

  • 222 E Monroe St
  • Phoenix, Arizona 85004

By the end of this year’s cooking lesson, you’ll agree that The Calamari Sisters have the juiciest clams in town! The Calamari Sisters return to Phoenix after making quite a splash last year with Cooking With The Calamari Sisters and their special brand of musical culinary education. This winter get ready for an even crazier, zanier, and fishier time. That’s right – Delphine & Carmela will be teaching you the ins and outs of an Italian clam bake. You’ll laugh until your sides hurt as these two plus size siblings sing, dance, and cook their way through the perfect summer picnic. Stage West. $54 - $62.

December 21st 2:00 PM,

December 21st 7:00 PM,

December 22nd 8:00 PM,

December 23rd 2:00 PM,

December 23rd 8:00 PM,

December 24th 2:00 PM,

December 28th 2:00 PM,

December 28th 7:00 PM,

December 29th 8:00 PM,

December 30th 2:00 PM,

December 30th 8:00 PM,

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