Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month By Playing DTPHX Lotería

Explore new places, discover local businesses, and appreciate some cool, Mexican-inspired art.

Play the Game: October 6 – October 15, 2023

Kickoff Event: Friday, October 6 from 6-8 p.m. at Xico, Inc. (829 N 1st Ave).

How To Play

Part art walk, part game, part urban adventure, participating in DTPHX Lotería is an easy and fun activity for the whole family. Just pick up a “tabla” (Bingo-like playing card) at any participating downtown business, or from a DTPHX Ambassador.

Each tabla will feature 16 Downtown businesses depicted Lotería style — a colorfully-illustrated card symbolizing the location. Once you find the card that corresponds with the business (the artist-designed poster will be visible from the exterior), go inside and get your DTPHX sticker from an employee.

How To Win

Players who get four across, in a row, diagonal, or a two-by-two box (4 images) anywhere on the tabla get a commemorative enamel pin.

⁠Fill the entire card to get an exclusive Downtown Phoenix-themed Lotería game to take home!

How to claim your prize:

Stop by the Downtown Phoenix Information Center at CityScape Phoenix anytime between Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., from Oct. 9-23, located at 1 E. Washington St., Ste. 230. Available while supplies last. 

2023 Featured Artists

DTPHX Lotería is in partnership with PCA Member XICO, the renowned cultural institution serving Latino and Indigenous artists.

This year, Downtown Phoenix Inc. has collaborated with 20 local artists and illustrators to reimagine the iconic Lotería game for downtown. Featured artists include: Cora Quiroz, Jonathan Ortiz “Con Safos Illustrations,” Chroma, Hyde Groat, Julian “Miraj” Miranda Jr., Veronica Verdugo, Stephanie Guillermina Castro, Jon Garza, Jacinda Rousseve-Vidrio, Blanca Garcia, Cassandra Ledezma, Laura “Laurie|LaLa Blue,” Muta Vision, Jordan Hazekamp, José Maciel, Ana Isabel Villareal, Carlos Valencia, Jeanette Aguilar Rocha (Lady Rise), Maria Madrid Reed, Agustin Vargas, Samantha Lopez, and Savannah Stegall.

Poster design by: Quinn Murphy / Hamster Labs

2023 Participating Businesses
Adams Table

Feature artist: Andrea Pro

Arizona Latino Art & Cultural Center

Featured artist: Jonathan Ortiz


Featured artist: Julian Miranda

Barcoa Agaveria

Featured Artist: Genesis Cuen

Rush Bowls Phoenix

Featured Artist: Stephanie Castro

Hyatt Regency Phoenix

Featured artist: Ana Isabel Villarreal Figueroa

Cham Pang Lanes

Featured Artist: Samantha Lopez

Xico Inc.

Featured artist: Julian Miranda

Cartel Roasting Co.

Featured artist: Cassandra Ledezma

Orange Theory Fitness

Featured artist: Ana Isabel Villarreal Figueroa

Paradise Hawaiian BBQ

Featured artist: Jacinda Rousseve-Vidrio

Zen Thai Cafe

Featured artist: Muta Vision

Pedal Haus

Featured artist: Ivan Niebla

Renaissance Phoenix Downtown

Featured artist: Genesis Cuen

Straw & Wool

Featured artist: Ivan Niebla

Stardust & Sage

Featured artist: Samantha Lopez

X Phoenix

Stickers can be picked up on the 9th floor at the restaurant. 

Featured artist: Chroma

Hidden Track Café

Featured artist: Jordan Hazekamp

Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii

Featured artist: Chroma

Hotel San Carlos

Featured artist: Jeanette Aguilar Rocha

Crown Public House

Featured artist: Savannah Stegall

Fair Trade Cafe

Featured artist: Jose Maciel

Willie’s Taco Joint

Featured artist: Agustin Vargas

Floor 13 Rooftop Bar

Featured artist: Blanca Garcia

Ghost Donkey

Featured artist: Genesis Cuen

Greenwood Brewing

Featured artist: Katiri Alegria

Kähvi Coffee + Cafe

Featured artist: Katiri Alegria

Herberger Theater Center

Featured artist: Cora Quiroz

Huss Brewery Downtown

Featured artist: Carlos Valencia

Que Sazon

Featured artist: Jon Garza

The Yard Milkshake Bar

Featured Artist: Jacinda Rousseve-Vidrio

El Zaguan Bistro

Featured artist: Cora Quiroz

Renaissance Jewelers

Featured artist: Maria Madrid Reed

Chico Malo

Featured artist: Samantha Lopez

Vegan House

Featured artist: Edgar Fernandez

The Diaspora Collective

Featured artist: Laura Delgado

Turquoise Sky Custom Spirits

Featured artist: Jonathan Ortiz


Featured artist: Selina Scott

Little Rituals

Featured artist: Hyde

Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour

Featured artist: Veronica Verdugo

Urban Eyecare

Featured artist: Hyde

Yogis Grill

Featured artist: Jon Garza

Hampton Inn & Suites Phoenix Downtown

Featured artist: Selina Scott


Featured artist: Agustin Vargas