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The potential for DTPHX

is as unlimited as our sky.

We’re working tirelessly to build a better Downtown

The sensory experience on the ground floor of any urban environment helps define the culture of a city, what people think about it, what they remember and what they love. That’s why improving the sidewalk experience is just one of many initiatives Downtown Phoenix Inc. (DPI) has created to cultivate a better Downtown.

In addition to delivering Enhanced Municipal Services to the Downtown Core, we’re working with business leaders from our membership affiliate, Phoenix Community Alliance, and a host of volunteer and community organizations to create a more walkable, interesting and vibrant community.

In short: we’re future-focused. As Downtown changes and welcomes new development, businesses and infill projects, we want to celebrate the people and places that made it cool in the first place. With the current mission of advancing diverse and inclusive housing options, the Downtown Phoenix Community Development Corporation is working toward building a more equitable Downtown.

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