Walk. Bike. Cartwheel. DTPHX is a get-anywhere-easily city

Centrally located and just a few minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Downtown Phoenix is the core of the Valley’s freeway and public transportation network. In fact, Central Station – Phoenix’s public transportation hub – is located in the heart of Downtown Phoenix.

Discovering Downtown Phoenix by foot, bike, scooter or public transit is easier than ever before. Check out our Downtown Phoenix map to get where you want to go.

Light Rail & Buses

Using public transportation to get to, from and around Downtown Phoenix is easy and affordable. Visit Valley Metro for routes and schedules.

Grid Bike Share

A program that provides bikes just for you. Ride Grid Bikes to work or from the light rail. Do errands. Go out with friends. Or just ride for fun! Look at you saving the planet. Click here for a Grid Bike Share map

Downtown Phoenix Inc. Bike Commuter Facility

Downtown Phoenix Inc, Valley Metro, City of Phoenix and RED Development are partnering to open a bike commuter facility at CityScape Phoenix in 2020. Download the vendor RFP here and RFP scoring sheet here.

Parking Information

Downtown Phoenix boasts more than 25,000 parking spaces, making it a very car-friendly city center. Besides public parking garages, there are numerous parking meters, which are enforced every day including weekends and holidays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. When parking, remember to keep an eye out for signs indicating time limitations or loading/unloading zones—you don’t want your downtown souvenir to be a ticket!

For more information on City of Phoenix parking meters, please click here.