Intro to Shopbot

@ CREATE at AZ Science Center

  • 600 E Washington
  • Phoenix, Arizona 85004

In this class, guests will learn the basics of using a 5' by 10' Shopbot CNC Router. Upon completion of this class, pass-holders will be able to reserve and use the Shopbot for individual projects. This course covers basic safety, machine terminology, approved materials, basic start-up/shut-down procedure, loading a design into VCarve Pro software, and customizing and fabricating a design. Prerequisite: Intro to Woodworking. $55.

March 24th 12:00 PM,

March 31st 4:30 PM,

April 8th 1:00 PM,

April 12th 5:00 PM,

April 20th 5:00 PM,

April 28th 12:00 PM,

May 5th 4:30 PM,

May 13th 1:00 PM,

May 17th 5:00 PM,

May 25th 5:00 PM,

June 2nd 12:00 PM,

June 9th 4:30 PM,

June 17th 1:00 PM,

June 21st 5:00 PM,

June 29th 5:00 PM