History Donna ReinerOctober 21, 2020
The Story Behind Gerardo’s Building in Downtown’s Warehouse District

Just south of the Union Pacific railroad tracks, a once-thriving neighborhood of residential and commercial buildings catering to Hispanics existed within what we now call the Warehouse District. Click here for more info.

History Frank M. BarriosOctober 8, 2020
Hispanic History of the Phoenix Warehouse District

A brief look into the Warehouse District's multicultural past. Click here for more info.

History Frank M. BarriosSeptember 17, 2020
Mexicans of Phoenix: A Brief History Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Since the founding of the city in 1868, Phoenix's Mexican American community has made significant contributions to the city's economic and cultural development, while also fiercely preserving their culture and heritage. Click here for more info.

History Douglas C. TowneSeptember 1, 2020
Once a Beer Town, Always a Beer Town: Downtown’s Arizona Brewing Company

The repeal of Prohibition opened the door for the development of craft beer culture in Downtown Phoenix, starting with Arizona Brewing Company in 1933. Click here for more info.

History Donna ReinerJuly 14, 2020
The Intriguing Story Behind the 1937 Merryman Funeral Home

It looks small from its frontage on First Street just south of Roosevelt Street, but it has a surprisingly big interior, and an even bigger history. Click here for more info.

History Marshall ShoreJune 24, 2020

Some of the buildings may be gone, but the memories will last a lifetime. Take a journey through Downtown Phoenix's colorful, queer history with the Valley's own Hip Historian, Marshall Shore. Click here for more info.

History Douglas C. TowneJune 11, 2020
Like Moths To Neon Light: The New Windsor Hotel Continues to Captivate After 123 Years 

The New Windsor Hotel dates all the way back to 1893, when guests arrived in stagecoaches. Click here for more info.

History Douglas C. TowneMay 29, 2020
Booze, Call Girls and Table Games: The Security Building’s Scandalous Origin Story

A casino and brothel were temporarily set up in the Security Building’s penthouse to finance the final phase of its construction. Click here for more info.

History Donna ReinerMay 21, 2020
Behind the Stucco: Downtown Phoenix Historic Buildings with a Story Underneath

Many of us buy new clothes, a new phone, or a new car to keep up with changing styles or the latest model. For sturdy buildings, changes to a “new”... continue reading. Click here for more info.

History Douglas C. TowneMay 13, 2020
A Glimpse Into Phoenix’s Segregated Past: The “Green Book” Guide to Downtown

The "Green Book," an African-American guidebook for travelers, helped serve black people in segregated cities and towns - including Phoenix. Shockingly, Phoenix was one of those segregated places. Click here for more info.