History Donna ReinerMay 21, 2020
Behind the Stucco: Downtown Phoenix Historic Buildings with a Story Underneath

Many of us buy new clothes, a new phone, or a new car to keep up with changing styles or the latest model. For sturdy buildings, changes to a “new”... continue reading. Click here for more info.

History Douglas C. TowneMay 13, 2020
A Glimpse Into Phoenix’s Segregated Past: The “Green Book” Guide to Downtown

The "Green Book," an African-American guidebook for travelers, helped serve black people in segregated cities and towns - including Phoenix. Shockingly, Phoenix was one of those segregated places. Click here for more info.

History Donna ReinerMay 7, 2020
The Women Who Built Phoenix: Flora Rosson and the Women of Heritage Square

It was Flora Rosson who purchased all of Heritage Square in 1882 and gradually divided up the block - becoming one of Phoenix's first female developers. Click here for more info.

History Taylor BishopMay 1, 2020
Then & Now: The Ultimate Guide to Historic Downtown Phoenix Buildings

Although Downtown Phoenix may be considered a young city, there are numerous buildings, homes and warehouses that hold remarkable tales of the past. Celebrate National Historic Preservation Month in May... continue reading. Click here for more info.

History Fara IllichApril 15, 2020
Downtown Phoenix: Where History Is Happening

In celebration of Historic Preservation Month, and the 150th anniversary of the original townsite — also known as the downtown core — Downtown Phoenix Inc. is inviting the public to... continue reading. Click here for more info.

History Fara IllichFebruary 7, 2020
Black History Month: 10 Phoenix Places Commemorating African American Heritage

Some examples of historic African-American properties still standing from Phoenix's early days. Click here for more info.