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Roy and Revolver Records

November 1, 2010 by Candace Porth

It’s too bad the dumpster and car are there but this is an urban area where it can be hard to get an unobstructed daytime view. Roy Sproule, who I wrote about in my last mural post, completed this mural at Revolver Records at 918 N. 2nd Street (right by many of the other murals I’ve written about) in August 2010. He was scheduled to be deployed to Korea with the U.S. Air Force shortly thereafter but I’m not certain that has occurred.

There are some great photos of Roy painting the mural which, once again, he is donating, here.

These are the words Billie Holiday is singing…

I hope Roy is able to do more murals in Downtown Phoenix because he is certainly making it a brighter place.