Community Voices

Community Voices Leanna TaylorJune 3, 2021
Community Voices: Pet-Owners ‘Disproportionately Affected’ By Housing Crisis

As the homelessness and eviction crisis deepens, pet-owning families are disproportionately affected. This includes a significant percentage of seniors, single women and children. Click here for more info.

Community Voices Marcy LaRontMay 25, 2021
Community Voices: It’s a Myth That People Experiencing Homelessness Are Lazy and Don’t Want To Work

About the author: Marcy LaRont is the director of development for St. Joseph the Worker (SJW), an employment agency, job development and support service, providing resources for job seekers who... continue reading. Click here for more info.

Community Voices Howard EpsteinMay 18, 2021
Community Voices: Together We Can End Homelessness in Arizona $25 at a Time

A unique solution to a complex problem: the Arizona Housing Fund invites everyone to take part in expanding affordable housing, and effectively reducing homelessness in Phoenix and across the state. Click here for more info.

Community Voices Cynthia ZwickApril 21, 2021
Community Voices: Phoenix’s Affordable Housing Shortage

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to see the reality of life in every Arizona city, including Phoenix, and the very real cracks in the various systems we rely on for survival and support, not to mention the ability to thrive. Click here for more info.

Community Voices Amy SchwabenlenderApril 16, 2021
Community Voices: Understanding Homelessness at the Human Services Campus

As executive director of the Human Services Campus in Downtown Phoenix, Amy Schwabenlender develops and leads strategic work to end homelessness through permanent, supportive housing. Read more about her take on how to help solve this complex issue. Click here for more info.

Community Voices Fara IllichApril 7, 2021
Community Voices: Upending Myths About Homelessness in Downtown Phoenix

In order to help dispel some of the myths surrounding homelessness, and the damaging stigmas that follow, the Phoenix Community Alliance's Social and Housing Advancement Committee is opening up a public dialogue on the subject called "Community Voices." Click here for more info.

Community Voices Phoenix Community AllianceNovember 5, 2020
Moving beyond stigmas and stereotypes: Facts about homelessness in Phoenix

In Phoenix and across the country, deep-seeded stigmas surrounding homelessness influence policy-making, policing, access to healthcare, employment and permeate nearly every aspect of society. Click here for more info.