Featured Fara Illich September 17, 2009

Think you know Downtown Phoenix? These little nuggets of knowledge offer a closer look at the urban heart of Arizona.
Psycho          civicspace
–A fixture in Downtown Phoenix since 1929, Tom’s Restaurant & Tavern originally opened in the city morgue as a dark, smoke-filled space frequented by politicians and judges. In 1988, Tom’s Tavern settled into its current location at One Renaissance Square, yet it continues to draw big shots, including former first couple, George and Laura Bush.
–Phoenix’s hottest day on record was on June 26, 1990. The thermometer hit a blistering 122 degrees.
–In the original “Psycho,” the opening sequence features a view of Downtown Phoenix’s skyline, including a hotel with an antenna on top. The 1998 remake used the Westward Ho to replicate the shot.
–Downtown Phoenix’s new Civic Space Park features a number of environmentally-friendly features, including solar panels, porous concrete and a rainwater collection system.
–In May, the National Rifle Association held the biggest convention in downtown history at the newly expanded Phoenix Convention Center. The four-day event drew 64,324 people.