Featured Food, Restaurants & Dining Fara Illich September 22, 2009

Local Breeze
Local Breeze Patio Cafe is one of the coolest restaurants you’ll ever visit in Downtown Phoenix!
My wife and I literally stumbled into Local Breeze, 606 N. 4th Ave., Phoenix (on the corner of 4th Avenue and Fillmore Street), several days ago and felt like we found a little gold mine.
Local Breeze opened in May 2009 and is quartered in a restored, historic home that was built in 1914. Even though the home was built almost 100 years ago, it has a modern, unique feel to it.
In the patio area which is expansive, I felt like I was thrust into a little piece of the Caribbean in the desert. There was a large lattice patio cover, trees, fans, string lights, candles and comfortable outdoor furniture everywhere.
The outdoor patio is perfect for having a drink with close friends – especially at night.
The interior is compact but interesting. It felt like I walked into an art gallery – paintings and other viewables adorned the walls and the soft lighting gave the place a homey feel. The men’s bathroom was interesting – there was a beer bottle sticking out of the wall (purposely done) and some funky wallpaper. The stall almost reminds me of an old, rusted trash bin … great piece of art work!
The best part about the place was the customer service! Our host Melody was probably the most welcoming host I’ve had at any restaurant! She really took pride in her job and the restaurant itself. I enjoyed talking with her – kind of felt I like I was talking to an old friend. I also had an opportunity to talk with the owner Sid Campbell – he was very gracious! I love restaurants with that mom-and-pop feel!
As for the food and cocktails, wifey started off with a “Low Tide” Pina Colada and I had the LB Signature “Mojito” Lemonade. My bebida went down smoothly – not too strong, not watered-down. Wifey enjoyed her drink too.
I ordered the Cajun Chicken Fettucine and my wife had the Fire Island pizza. Man, they served up some healthy portions! Unless you are REALLY hungry, you’re probably going to be asking for a to-go box.
My dish was very tasty – didn’t need to put any salt or pepper on it. I was glad that it wasn’t too spicy. My wife said her meal was very good – the cheese was gooey and the dough was filling. I wouldn’t say that we were “blown away” with our entrees but we will be back.
I have to admit that my bill was higher than I expected it to be but you’ll always take a hit when you order cocktails at dinner.
I’d definitely recommend this spot for anyone who’s lookin’ for a memorable dining experience in Downtown Phoenix.
Local Breeze serves breakfast, Sunday brunch, lunch and dinner.