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LightRailI rode the light rail on opening day, and fell in love with its sleek, silent glide. Since then, I’ve discovered that it’s the perfect place to add your own soundtrack (just remember to bring your earbuds; I’m pretty certain not everyone likes Megadeth).
The only question is: what should go on your playlist? Here are a few of my favorites; I hope you’ll post your own.
1. Choo Choo Ch’Boogie – Asleep at the Wheel
A big blast of joy. Makes me want to dance in the aisle, but I’ll have to settle for squirming in my seat.
2. Tune Out – The Format
This local band sings, “the 51 is backed up and too slow.” Is that subliminal advertising for the light rail? Hmm.
3. Southern Pacific – Neil Young
Complete with old-fashioned train sounds.
4. The Brakeman, the Sandman and Me – Monsters of Folk
You can see them October 21st at the Orpheum Theatre. “Roll on, roll on…”
5. All I’m Thinkin’ About – Bruce Springsteen
Irresistible, hypnotic. Reminds you to look out the train window as the world speeds past. “Blackbird slippin’ in a sky of blue, all I’m thinkin’ bout is you.”
6. Carefree – The Refreshments
Just as fizzy and buzzy as the name of this local band’s album. Riding the light rail should always feel this carefree.
7. Bus Stop – The Hollies
This 60’s song will get you in the mood to meet someone special at the next stop.
8. Orange Blossom Special- Johnny Cash
“Hey looky, yonder comin’ it’s that orange blossom special, bringing my baby back.”
9. Take the A Train – Duke Ellington
A big city sound for a big city train. There’s a wonderful version of this on Essential Ellington: The Best of Duke.
10. Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel
This song propels me along, wherever I am. “You could have a steam train, if you just lay down your tracks…”
One more thing: be sure to check out Tobie Milford, a talented local musician who performed on the light rail last month. You can preview Tobie at Happy riding.