Family Featured Fara Illich October 14, 2009

LittleKidthingsI do not have kids. I am, however, aware that many people in the great Phoenix area DO have kids. All you parents out there, I tip my hat to you. I also bring good news:
The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is rad.
A friend of mine recently scored free tickets and invited me to join her and her 13 month old son on a visit to the good old CM of P. She told me it was going to be awesome. I was not disappointed.
The CMP is located on the southeast corner of 7th Street and Van Buren in the historic Monroe School building. (Can I just say that I ADORE using old buildings for new things? Because I do.) A modern entrance was added on the back side of the building, but the interior remains true to its educational roots. Some of the old classrooms are used for workshops like “Name That Scent” or “Kids Love to Sign!” Others have been converted into a play grocery store (with shopping carts and cash registers and everything!), a pizza restaurant (kids make cloth pizzas and “cook” them in brick ovens!), and an arts and crafts studio (paints and crayons and pipe cleaners galore!). A jungle of pool noodles conceals a cozy reading area. And one big playroom is like a VIP lounge for the 3 and under crowd, which is great for people like my friend. Her toddler was free to throw balls and climb stairs and play with blocks to his little heart’s content without getting run over by any big kids.
The atrium of the museum is currently partitioned off for the construction of THE CLIMBER, a one-of-a-kind 3-story “climbing structure” with slides and ladders and bridges galore. THE CLIMBER is expected to open around the beginning of next year, but the CMP is still trying to raise funds for its completion. Any donations help. Plus you get the satisfaction of contributing to what is quite possibly the coolest jungle gym in North America.
If you have kids, you should take them. If you don’t have kids, you should borrow someone else’s kids and take them. Admission is $9, except on First Fridays when it’s FREE. Crowded, but totally gratis. Now go forth and play.