Featured Sports Spotlight Fara Illich October 14, 2009

SunsWhen the Suns take the court this Friday in Downtown Phoenix to face the 76’ers for their fourth pre-season game in over two weeks, it will be without center Robin Lopez. As some ponder if it’s too early to open the roster to another big man to fill Lopez’s shoes, I say give it time. With the absence of Shaq, this Suns team is ripe for a return to the run and gun days of yore – or perhaps some resemblance thereof.
The starting line-up alone gives reason to be hopeful for what may prove to be a promising season.  While the overall shooting at last Saturday’s stand in Indian Wells was a dismal 40 percent, the starting unit bolted off to a 27-14 lead with five steals, 12 fast-break points and two 3-pointers before the reserves toned it down. But the bench power went on to make up for it on the back-end going toe-to-toe with Golden State’s starting line-up…only to finish short.
Locally, there appears to be a latent demand for Suns news, as if fans were eagerly awaiting critical news regarding their locker room configurations. Me? I’m more hopeful to catch a glimpse of that spark…that desire to win given the odds…and perhaps a season so deserving of fans whose perseverance through good and bad years come with higher than expected loyalty given this expansion team town. Either way, I’ll be rooting for them as I have in years past and searching for more signs of promise.