Featured Food, Restaurants & Dining Fara Illich October 21, 2009

royal-coffeeToday I took a break from my busy day to enjoy a latte at a small coffee bar located in the new Phoenix Public Market. Brewed to perfection and topped with a lovely decorative swirl, I instantly knew this was no ordinary caffeinated drink. Like the design surrounding me, great care and thought went into making it.
My hunch was right. Co-owner Hayes McNeil roasted the beans less than 24-hours. For regular coffee drinkers, the Royal also features a unique one-cup-at-a-time brew method that wastes zero coffee while providing a customized experience for every visitor.
“We’re about creating a 1:1 relationship with our customers and knowing how they prefer to enjoy their coffee,” Hayes tells me. “Our beans are sourced from a buyer who has direct contact with the farmers who grow them. Because you can’t grow beans in Arizona, we do our best to source them from places that make the supply chain smaller.”

Royal’s commitment to good business practices goes deeper than the drinks though. Eight-five percent of the materials used in the shop’s design have been reclaimed – down to the metal studs inside the walls. Hayes, who moonlights as an architect repurposed the oak floor from an old truck to create a sliding wood door, as well as the shelving and accent trim. He’s currently creating additional customized seating from reclaimed metal steel and redwood to prepare for next week’s Grand Opening at the Public Market.
The end result is a small, but comfy space – making Royal the perfect spot to enjoy a great cup of coffee.