Featured Food, Restaurants & Dining Fara Illich December 11, 2009

College students are known to always be broke, however, the most infamous food known to a college student is pizza. Pizza can run cheap to expensive, depending on where you go. For the Downtown students, this is the same. Pizza Downtown can run you from $3-17 depending on the restaurant. Whether you are a college student or not, pizza is a favorite to everyone and there are many restaurants to choose from that serve pizza downtown.
ham_pizza1. Z Pizza: Do you like pizza, but only eat Organic or Gluten-Free?  Z Pizza is the pizzeria for you. The dough is made with organic wheat flour, and their tomato sauce is organic as well. The cheese and pepperoni are fresh as well.  They do get busy around lunchtime, but it’s worth the wait. Their pizza slices are large and the quality of the pizza is fantastic. You can taste the freshness in each bite.
For those apart of the ASU community, show your Sun Card and get a slice of pizza and a drink for around $4.
Follow them on Twitter @zpizza for special deals.

2. Uno Chicago Grill: Over at the Arizona Center, you’ll find Uno, where although their pizza may run you a pretty penny, it’s worth it.  If you’re a fan of deep-dish pizza, this is the place to go on your lunchtime or dinner. Uno does offer the option of Gluton-Free pizza, however, not all locations may. Ask first.  If you’re not into sharing your pizza, you can get your own individual size or share with two to three people with their regular size deep dish. The crust is buttery and delectable with every bite. The prices for deep dish run from $10-18 depending on the size and type of pizza you order.
3. Focccia Florentina: A family owned and operated business caters to those who love Italian food. Focaccia has been a two- time winner of the New Times “Best of Phoenix” and lives up to that. Their pizzas are made to order. If you order a pizza, it may take some time to get your pizza because they are made to order, but that’s only because they make it fresh. They aren’t open on the weekends, but are opened for lunch.
Their 10-inch pizzas are either already created or create-your-own. From their specialty pizzas like meat lover, which is a favorite among regulars, to spicy chicken pizza, they cater to every kind of pizza lover and more. Their prices range from $7 to 9.
Show your ASU Sun Card here too and get a discount.
There are tons of great pizza places downtown, however these pizza places are ones that are perfect for the on the go student or the business professional.