Arts & Culture Family Featured Fara Illich December 22, 2009

Before coming to Saint Mary’s Basilica five years ago, Renee Poston was assembling work site trailers and modular offices in the West Valley. It was steady work, but Poston was looking for more than just a paycheck.
POSTONblogA friend suggested that Poston work Saturdays at the Society of St. Vincent de Paul food bank and soon after, Poston began volunteering in the Saint Mary’s Basilica parking garage. It wasn’t long before Renee had built up a reputation as one of the church’s most dedicated and responsible workers and was offered a full-time position in the outreach ministries program.
“Renee is one of our hardest-working people at the church,” said Jerome Doris, Parish Manager at Saint Mary’s. “She has a huge heart and a philanthropic spirit and we’re so proud to have her with us.”
Her tireless work at the garage, on the church grounds and in the gift shop has made Renee one of Downtown Phoenix’s most recognizable and friendly faces.
As we chat, a customer rolls into the garage and a quick, “Hello, Tom,” and “Hello, Renee” exchange takes place, accompanied by wide smiles. This is Renee’s favorite part of her job.
“It’s all about the people,” said Renee. “I have so many regulars who know me by name and won’t park anywhere else. That makes me feel good.”
As she’s become more and more involved with the church, Poston has seen the lines between her job, her faith, and her family blur.
“This has become my life and these people are my family,” said Renee. “I’ve come back to the church and these people have been there for me in so many ways.”