Arts & Culture Food, Restaurants & Dining Music & Events Spotlight Fara Illich January 8, 2010

Oh, Lola, how we’ve watched her grow. We met her first on 7th Street and Camelback as Lola Tapas, the chic Spanish restaurant that cemented itself as one of the first of maLola Coffee 1ny to populate a now urban dining hot spot. At Lola Coffee on Central and Highland we were enchanted by the aroma of of fresh-roasted coffee, and watched as it re-energized the area. Now, in the advent of Downtown’s revitalization, Lola Coffee has finally found her way Downtown and we couldn’t be more delighted to welcome her to the neighborhood.
Take a walk down Roosevelt Street along the sidewalks freckled with yellow leaves, and across a cluster of historic buildings you will find this hip little coffee shop nestled on the corner of Third Avenue. Inside, you might even clench your fists at how appropriately cool it is. Order something; you’re going to like it. Whether it is the charm of a latte adorned with swirling golden brown espresso and silky steamed milk, or the splendor of a Sweet Pea vanilla cupcake, there is an art about this place that is undeniable. Due also in part, by the way, to Lori Fenn’s awe-inspiring pieces currently on display there. Also on exhibit, the roasting machine that turns espresso beans daily and supplies coffee to other Phoenix restaurants like Postino, La Grande Orange, Drip Coffee, and of course Lola Tapas.
No stranger to opening buzz-worthy Phoenix hubs, owner Daniel Wayne seems to have found another perfect fit with this Downtown cafe. “This location is all about the neighborhood,” Wayne says. “I want people to get out and walk down to their favorite restaurant or coffee shop and be part of what’s happening Downtown.”
And that’s exactly what is happening. You can feel it when you are there. The hustle and bustle of a morning coffee run seems to trickle perfectly into the midday calm of laptop enthusiasts and coffee date couples. Nights are picking up, too, especially on First Fridays. Also, don’t miss Sophia Gunn spinning at Lola Coffee 5Lola Coffee Saturday, Jan. 16 from 7 – 10 p.m.
Don’t be surprised to see some familiar faces behind the bar, too. Many cherished longtime Lola baristas are working at this new location along with an always exciting crop of newbies. Do be sure to chat it up with them; they’re all pretty chill and definitely know how to pull a mean shot of espresso, or whatever tickles your fancy.
Lose yourself at Lola Coffee soon, it’s easy to. There is a little something for everyone here, whether it is the familiarity of the perfect blend of cinnamon and chocolate in The Matador, the flurry of foot traffic pouring in from Roosevelt Square and beyond, or the simple thrill of watching your neighborhood grow.