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I get it. Not everyone is married to technology.
So you don’t Facebook from your Palm or Uber-Tweet from your BlackBerry. You may not even know the difference between an iPhone, an iPad and an iCarly.
It’s OK. Even if you refer to your mobile device as a “cell phone” (gasp!), only order “apps” at Friday’s Front Row, or own a home PC running on Windows ’95, here are five simple ways you can join our online community at downtownphoenix.com:
Text Alerts and “ASK” an Ambassador
From traffic updates to lunch specials, the latest and greatest Downtown information can be had via  text alerts from downtownphoenix.com. For instance, if you were signed up to receive Sports or Deal texts, this week you would have known that the Suns were selling upper-level seats to Tuesday’s game against Charlotte for $10 and that 20 percent of Wednesday’s sales at Baja Fresh went directly to Helping Hands for Haiti. Also, whenever you have a question you can text “ASK” to 25866 and one of our helpful Ambassadors will quickly supply you with the right answer. Trust me when I tell you that the peeps running around in the orange shirts are wicked smart when it comes to everything Downtown Phoenix.
mobile phoneDining Guide
If you work Downtown, no doubt you are faced with a handful of lunch quandaries a month: Where should we go for lunch today? Where should we take this client? What are you hungry for? How much do you want to spend? What’s close to your office? Between our Directory, our =Picks, Coupons & Deals, and Pick a Place feature, we’ve got every possible dining dilemma covered. 
What’s Happening
You can download our handy What’s Happening Weekly  guide–which details every concert, museum exhibit, play, happy hour, DJ appearance, sporting event and community gathering going on in Downtown–each and every Monday morning.
Weekly Insider
If you don’t visit the Downtown Blog on a regular basis (shame on you, by the way),  you can receive blog highlights every Thursday by subscribing to our Weekly Insider e-newsletter. When you become a subscriber at downtownphoenix.com, we’ll ask which subjects are of the greatest interest to you–Deals, Arts & Culture, Sports, Music, Dining, Nightlife, etc.–and custom-tailor your Weekly Insider to reflect those preferences. Pretty slick, right? And if you happen to be an aspiring Downtown Blogger, there’s even an application to join our editorial army. 
Social Networking
Downtown Phoenix has jumped into the social networking pool with both feet and now you can be a part of our online community through Twitter and Facebook. Are you an ace photographer? If so, we’re always seeking new members for our Flickr group. 
So as you can see, you needn’t fully embrace technology to join the online community at downtownphoenix.com. A fist-pump will do just fine. Or maybe a bro-hug.