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For anyone who loves quirky, off-the-beaten-path theater, the Phx: Fringe Festival is a big, tempting buffet. More than 30 live performances are on the menu, ranging in price from just $5 to $15. That makes it affordable to catch several of these compelling productions.
fringeThe only tough part? Choosing your favorites. To give you a brief taste, here’s a quick look at a few events that grabbed my own interest; be sure to check out the entire program here. The Fringe Festival runs from April 2-11, with performances at venues across Downtown Phoenix.
Dinosaurs Exposed!
I’m a geek, and not ashamed to admit it; I’ve watched all the Discovery Channel programs that recreate dinosaurs. In this live, 45-minute performance, an ape, a monk and a modern day scientist all discover the same pile of bones and speculate about their origins. Finally, the bones come to life and we learn the real story. See it at the Little Theatre at Phoenix Theatre; dates and times vary.
Tissues and Razorblades
The SHARP Dance Company of Philadelphia merges their innovative choreography with a stimulating, multimedia set and backdrops. If you’re turned off by classical ballet and tutus, I’m betting this modern dance troupe will whip your head around. Also at the Little Theatre at Phoenix Theatre.
The Bike Trip
In this one-man show, author Martin Dockery explores LSD and the whole psychedelic experience on journeys around the world. I’m not advocating anything here, just saying this play could be…interesting. See it at Space 55; times and dates vary.
The Resurrection and Death of the Dr. Rev. Stephen Strange
Well-known local magician, creative guru and all-around amusing oddball, Dr. Strange attempts to come back to life with the help of his wife/assistant, the Mother Fakir Sahar Strange. The show combines vaudeville, circus, sideshows and burlesque with comedy and energy. See it at Modified Arts; times and dates vary.
Family Fringe
This wonderful, interactive theatre event allows children to experience the earth and sky through their five senses. It’s free this Friday night at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.
After-Hours Parties
Each Friday and Saturday, the Festival throws after-hour parties all around town. There’s live music, food, drinks and a chance to meet the Fringe performers.