Featured Food, Restaurants & Dining Fara Illich April 8, 2010

Who builds your favorite Downtown sandwich? Where can you get a mean glass of passion fruit iced tea? When you’re feeling blue, what Downtown comfort food turns your frown upside down?
Those are the questions we posed to our Facebook Fans on Tuesday and here’s what they had to say about…
hero_factoryDuck and Decanter has the best sandwiches!” – Joshua S.
Fair Trade has a great turkey sandwich and the best tea!” – Nathalie C.
Jacquee’s Espresso makes the best sandwiches!” – Cheryl R.
“It’s The Hero Factory and it’s not even close.” – Matt K.
“I love Ladybug House of Sandwiches (11th St. & McDowell). Always great service, small, and deliver.” – Meg E.
“I love Fair Trade Cafe! They have lots of food options, fair trade coffee and the employees really love the customers.” – Heather
Hero Factory!” – Glenn D.
Coach & Willie’s.” – Jessica M.
“Long live The Duck. Still my favorite.” – Cristen P.
“Is My Florist still around (editor’s note: YES)? I am in Minnesota. I LOVED their turkey and brie sandwich. YUM!” – Jennifer S.
royal“Strawberry iced tea at Royal at the Market and tuna sliders at Tammie Coe.” – Rachel Richards-M.
Royal at the Market has fantastic iced teas. Try the Cactus Flower or Jasmine Green. De-lish!” – Sasha H.
 “Iced Chai tea at Conspire also makes my day.” – Jefferson C.
“The 5 Spot from Matt’s Big Breakfast is pretty stellar. With extra jalepenos please!” – Jefferson C.
Thai Elephant will turn that frown upside down.” – Chris V.
“Penne a la Vodka at Focaccia Fiorentina is my fave comfort food!” – Nichelle C.
 “Fair Trade Cafe has great vegan brownies and tea.” – Jana S.
Hope you enjoyed the tips. Stay tuned for more installments of Downtown Food Diaries and make your entry into the Diary here or at our Facebook page.