Arts & Culture Family Featured Music & Events Fara Illich April 15, 2010

An eclectic mix of people and music can be found every third Sunday at Civic Space Park (deboard light rail at Central Station). The event is called Civic Space Jam – a free dance party in the heart of our urban core. The late afternooon/early evening event is a great way to bring the weekend in for a nice soft landing with some cool tunes and fun people. One of the event organizers, Anthony Hart (aka DJ Hartbreaks) is a friend. I’ve been wanting to do a profile on his event ever since it started late last year, but we could never coordinate schedules. Before too much time passed, I figured I would corner Hart for an interview by text message, which just so happens to be my first ever text message interview (I’m not sure if this is a sign of advanced technology or an indication of where my career is headed). Here is our text conversation in its entirety. The text conversation took place April 13th around 10:15 p.m. I was at home on my sofa and in my footie pajamas while DJ Hartbreaks was at Downtown hot spot Lost Leaf.

civic space park_resizedTony Arranaga: Are you working?

Anthony Hart: Nope. Lost Leaf. Why?

TA: Wanted to ask you about Civic Space Jam for a blog post. Anything different happening this weekend compared to previous jams?

AH: It’s gonna be warmer!

TA: Any suggestions on what people should bring?

AH: Squirtguns! Water balloons! Popsicles! Ice cream! Cold Water! We’ll have free ice tea.

TA: Awesome. You know I’m using all this for a post so only answer what you want in print/text. 🙂 Are you happy with the turnout at previous Civic Space Jams?

AH: Absolutely! If you’ve been coming each month since November, it keeps growing and getting bigger/more packed and popular every time.

AH: Everyone needs to spread the word and tell their friends, whether they live/hangout Downtown or not — but ESPECIALLY if you do. We started this from the ground up, little to no flyering (flyers/advertising), totally do it yourself/grassroots and the turnout/support has been amazing.

TA: and it’s FREE!  Is Civic Space Jam family friendly or should people leave their kids at home?

AH: Dude. It’s an all ages event, outdoors in a beautiful park (Civic Space Park) that has a ton of potential. Seeing kids drance, draw (with chalk on the sidewalk) what they want/contribute to a mural, has been awesome. Phoenix needs more fresh, community oriented events like this to bring people together. Hopefully things like CSJ are still going and continue to grow as these kids do. We’re one of the largest cities in the US and need to show it culturally.

TA: I agree. I think there’s alot to do here in Downtown. Phoenix is such a cool city – people should get out and explore!

AH: Alot of the people that come to CSJ I see at bars and downtown, parties, or are DJs/musicians themselves in addition to being parents. For once they can make a family day/night of it and not have to worry about a sitter.

TA: Sounds good. Thanks Anthony!

Civic Space Jam takes place the third Sunday of every month at Civic Space Park, which is just north of Central station (Central and Van Buren). The event takes place from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. and is free to the public. Dress code: casual/day at the park. If you’re interested in finding out more information about Civic Space Jam, check out the Facebook fan page. Click here to read details about the park and the public art display called Her Secret is Patience. Information on how to ride the light rail can be found on my Web site here.