Business Development Deal Family Sports Spotlight Fara Illich May 27, 2010

ymcaOur urban core is bustling with activity these days. Not only does Downtown Phoenix have some great restaurants and entertainment options, but the city also has a growing number of amenities for people who live and work in the heart of the city. Especially when it comes to having options for working out near the light rail. Whether you live Downtown, midtown or uptown…working out is just a quick train ride away!
AmenZone Primal Fitness and Training is located in the warehouse district at 106 E Buchanan (just south of US Airways Center near 2nd Street). According to friend and fellow blogger Seth, think of AmenZone as less gym and more boot camp. “I’ve never worked out so damn hard in my life but you will not find any weights, benches, treadmills, mirrors or walls of TVs.” During the workout, Seth says the class is moving constantly for about an hour with the exception of a few much needed water breaks. Taking the light rail? Deboard at one of the 3rd Street stations.
Core CrossFit is located just south of Roosevelt on 7th Street (825 N 7th Street) and trains members in a group setting. According to the website, Core CrossFit is committed to providing a complete strength and conditioning program. The training consists of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements using equipment found in gyms but with a boot camp twist. Use the Roosevelt station when taking the light rail.
Gold’s Gym Elite is located on the second floor of the brand spanking new CityScape project, which is right smack in the heart of the city (southeast corner of Central and Washington). I just joined this Gold’s and it’s probably one of the nicest gyms I’ve seen. The facility has all the latest equipment (even treadmills that blow cool air on you while you exercise!), a towel and laundry service for those who need to go to work after working out, and of course, a fantastic view of Downtown Phoenix! Spinning and yoga classes are also included in your dues. Light rail riders can use either Central and Washington (westbound) or the 1st Avenue and Jefferson (eastbound) stations.
Just Breathe is your one-stop training facility if you like a combination of pilates, spinning and yoga classes as part of your workout regimen. After your workout, let your body recover with a deep tissue, sports or Swedish massage. Just Breathe also offers a special Arizona resident rate for first-time guests. The facility is located at 832 N 2nd Street, just south of the Roosevelt station.
Lincoln Family YMCA is directly across the street from Civic Space Park in Downtown Phoenix. One of the original gyms in our urban core, the facility is popular with Downtown and midtown residents. People who workout here love the indoor heated pool, rooftop track and racquetball courts. The Y is located directly across the street from Central station. Find out more information about the Lincoln Family YMCA here.
These days, making sure I stay fit is high on my priority list, especially after I gained 13 pounds riding a bike around Phoenix! Who knew you could get fat riding a bike?! How that happened, I’m not sure. (Well, ok, I know. I’m blaming every single coffee bar for selling delicious baked goods! Arggh!) Read the advice I got from a doctor in my blog post Does This Bike Make Me Look Fat.