Arts & Culture Music & Events Spotlight Fara Illich June 23, 2010

RodneyOn Friday, June 25th, at 7 p.m., a photography exhibition featuring images created in Jacmel, Haiti, three months after the earthquake by professional photographer and humanitarian Rodney Rascona, will be on exhibit at the historic Icehouse, 429 W. Jackson St., in Downtown Phoenix.
These images represent one brief moment in time where individuals forgot about their worries and stood for Rodney, giving him the gift of their image in what are difficult times for many of his subjects, lending honest testimony to the unfailing hope which the Haitian people, despite such enormous personal loss, still possess …
These images, along with additional multimedia formats being prepared for the exhibit, were created by Rodney as a way to support The Paradigm Project and Suisse-based Medair, in raising awareness to the serious conditions the Haitian people continue to endure long after their story has left the news cycle.
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