Business Development Deal Family Spotlight Fara Illich July 8, 2010

With all the yakking about vampires (Twilight Eclipse, “True Blood,” “The Gates,” etc.) now is a perfect time to discuss dental hygiene.
BBpicI hear your snickers and I see your eyes rolling but did you know that one of the first things members of the opposite sex notice in a potential mate is their teeth? It’s true. Not only that but a winning smile can also help you get a job, make a sale, or even land you a gig modeling for Kohl’s circulars.
To make sure your chompers look and feel their best, visit Downtown Phoenix Dental (Monroe/1st Ave.).
Dr. Ben Berschler (pictured, left) and his staff have everything you could possibly want in a dentist: Convenient Location. Warm and Talented Staff. First-Class Amenities. Most Insurance Accepted.
Last week I had my fangs cleaned by Heather and she was cheerful, careful, and quick. No sermons about not flossing but plenty of spirited chatter to help pass the time.
Dr. Ben is a Philly guy who recently located his practice to Phoenix. Friendly, but to the point, he quickly assessed my X-rays post-cleaning and said everything was great with the possible exception of the 20-year-old silver fillings that take up way too much space in my mouth. He didn’t pressure me into swapping them out but mReceptCounter2ade the benefits easy to recognize.
Wednesday we began the process and I was astonished at how easy, pain-free and dare I say enjoyable the experience was. How many dentists give you a hot-off-the-presses issue of The Sporting News to peruse while the novocain kicks in? And how many let you listen to Counting Crows’ August and Everything After while he goes to town on your grill? (OBTW, “Anna Begins” will never sound the same.) Plus, Dr. Ben has the very latest in dental equipment and technology, most of which I’d never even seen before. We’re talking cutting-edge stuff here. The office is nicely decorated and contemporary and both Heather and office manager/assistant Robin (pictured, left) are an absolute pleasure to interact with.
I can’t say enough great things about the Downtown Phoenix Dental crew. Go now. Your teeth will thank you. 
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