Community Commentary Featured Music & Events Travel, Shopping & Leisure Fara Illich September 16, 2010

This Friday is PARK(ing) Day, a nationwide event aimed at inspiring urban dwellers to transform metered parking into temporary public spaces.
parkingBWhy would anyone turn a metered parking space into a public park? And how does one perform such a trick?
According to Phoenix urbanist Yuri Artibise, the concept behind PARK(ing) Day is based on the idea that putting money into a parking meter is like renting a public space. “The goal of the event is to help people rethink  the way we use our streets and stimulate conversations about how we can make sustainable cities,” wrote Artibise in a press release.
Visit the PARK(ing) Day Web site for more information on the event and tips on how to create your own public park.
You can also visit PARK(ing) Day Phoenix on Facebook.