Bars & Nightlife Business Development Featured Food, Restaurants & Dining Fara Illich November 9, 2010

CityScape has brought a lot of welcome attention to the Downtown Phoenix scene, but its not the only place restaurants are opening their doors.  Downtown Phoenix is home to over 100 restaurants with more opening every month.  BrickPizza has opened, replacing Pizzeria Uno in the Arizona Center.  The Phoenix Business Journal has reported that work continues on space on the ground floor of the 101 North Building to accommodate the Spoonz, the newest incarnation of The Silver Spoon, formerly located in the San Carlos Hotel.
page03_PitaJungleThe dining scene outside the business core is thriving and expanding as well.  The long-awaited Downtown Pita Jungle is expected to open on Nov. 25 next to Lola Coffee on Roosevelt.  Bliss has opened in the old Nine 05 space at Fourth Street and Roosevelt and reBAR is pouring cocktails next door.  Downtown has witnessed steady growth in the restaurant market with a net gain of 28 new restaurants and bars opened since the start of 2008.  Perhaps the greatest benefit of the CityScape hoopla will be drawing people from around the Valley to witness all the changes and surprise them with an experience they were not expecting. That’s what makes the Downtown Phoenix so unique, it’s the best place to try something new.
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