Arts & Culture Community Commentary Featured Fara Illich November 15, 2010

This is MonOrchid, a beautiful gallery and event space at 214 E. Roosevelt in Downtown Phoenix.

Kinda reminds me of Twitter. The painter is local artist Brian Boner. You can see the painting that inspired the mural on his web site.

This is what he said the birds represent to him, “It is something about the instinctual way they rely on each other, working together making constant progress. The migration of the flock and the unison, not of one bird but the entire group.” It reminds him of the growing community of artists in Downtown Phoenix who have been working together. You can see the progress and it is not based on one individual, but the collection of many (from blendercreative, where you can also see some photos of Brian painting the mural if you scroll down to the Feb. 2, 2009 post).