Deal Family Food, Restaurants & Dining Spotlight Travel, Shopping & Leisure Fara Illich December 7, 2010

It took a little longer than anyone expected (including proprietor and master chef Aaron May), but Vitamin T is now open at CityScape, on the corner of First Street and Washington.
VitaminTAaronMayVitamin T is a high-end taco shop, slanted toward take-and-eat diners. There are a few tables inside and a few more out on the patio that looks across 1st Street and on to US Airways Center.
The menu is simple by design. There are a few starters like chips and salsa and guacamole, plus yummy-sounding black beans with pork belly and epazote, but the rest of the menu is dedicated to tacos ($2.50 or 3 for $7), caramelos ($5), tortas ($7), and tamales ($5). Check out the Sonoran dog–bacon-wrapped hot dog served on a roll with cabbage mix, mayo, mustard, jalapeno sauce, grilled and raw onion, and black bean spread for $6.
Thursday afternoon chef May could be found hanging out on the patio chatting up customers, many of whom expressing their delight that the extended wait for Vitamin T–originally scheduled to open in conjunction with CityScape’s Block Party Weekend last month–is at long last over.
Vitamin T is open 7 days a week 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.