Arts & Culture Business Development Spotlight Travel, Shopping & Leisure Fara Illich February 18, 2011

As the art exhibit 26 Blocks continues to make its way around Downtown Phoenix, creator Joey Robert Parks is busy working on the next stages of the project.
26Blocks2 copyhorizWEBIn January, Parks released a free app for the iPad (pictured, left) and in February of next year, Parks will debut 26 Blocks, AZ, a collection of 26 writers, 26 photographers and 26 graphic designers and illustrators portraying 26 cities across Arizona in celebration of the state’s 2012 Centennial.
“The app and the project are always evolving,” said Parks. “It’s becoming more and more personal and interactive.”
Indeed, the app is engrossing and 26 Blocks, AZ will add an entirely new demension. The app has been downloaded more than 1000 times despite Parks’ delaying heavy promotion while kinks were worked out. 
“There will be upgrades that couldn’t be completed in time for the launch that will continue to promote the interconnectedness of people,” said Parks.
Parks added that the app was made possible by financial sponsorship and support from Phoenix Community Alliance, APS, L.D. Schneider & Associates, HDR Architecture, CityScape, Artisan Colour, Discovery Triangle and the Downtown Phoenix Partnership.
Parks has also been contracted to do a 26 Blocks: New Orleans in 2013.
If you haven’t yet seen the amazing exhibit, it will debut at Phoenix Urban Research Lab March 1.