Arts & Culture Featured Music & Events Fara Illich March 10, 2011

Sex and the Second City: Version 2.0 worked out the bugs during a final dress rehearsal Wednesday night at Herberger Theater Center and while the performance wasn’t perfect, it was certainly funny enough to convince me it will do very well during its 10-date stint in Phoenix.
SATSCSkewering online dating and the impersonal nature of interpersonal communications in the 21st Century, a cast of four sprinted through two acts that no doubt left both single and spoken for audience members questioning their romantic fates.
SATSC 2.0 uses a JumboTron-sized iPhone and a fictional online dating service called iLove to set the pace and you’ll be surprised who Second City landed to play the role of iLove’s spokesperson. There’s plenty to talk about but little I want to give away so I’ll simply give you a list of 10 things to look for:
1. Fabio
2. The Awesomeness of Kirk Hanley
3. Gratuitous Charlie Sheen joke
4. Local rock legend Alice Cooper
5. Joe Jackson
6. A strange ode to Falconry
7. METRO Light Rail
8. Medieval Times
9. The “Wipe Away”
10. Warrant 
Also, you’ll want to pay close attention to the iLove profile photos shown throughout the show.
Go see Sex and the Second City Version 2.0. It’s a fairly dead-on look at the absurdity of finding love in the Digital Age. 
For tickets call 602.256.6995
 [Note: Sex and the Second City Version 2.0 is NOT child-appropriate. Leave the little ones at home.]