Business Development Food, Restaurants & Dining Spotlight Fara Illich March 15, 2011

Downtown’s newest coffee shop is also one of its oldest. Well, sort of.
CCCWEBDamian Serafine opened his first Downtown coffee house, Roma Coffee, in the historic Hotel San Carlos way back in 1997. After a dalliance with Lux Midtown, Serafine opened his first City Central Coffee in the Phoenix Convention Center. And this Friday, March 18, he’ll host the grand opening for the all-new City Central Coffee, located street level in the 1 N. Central building (Central/Washington).
Serafine is a Downtown guy and City Central Coffee is a Downtown coffee joint that uses organic beans roasted Downtown. Not to get preachy, but if you’re looking to keep your money in the Downtown economy, here’s your chance.  City Central Coffee is open M-F 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Serafine and Brittany Rohs work the coffee line, dishing out fresh pastries and bagels, big smiles, and soon, panini sandwiches, soups and salads crafted by none other than 2010 Downtown Dining Guide cover boy Jesus Cibrian, Executive Chef for Aventura at the Phoenix Convention Center.
Back to the coffee. It’s smooth. Real smooth. A five-bean blend named after Serafine’s daughter, Sofia, the mix combines Monsoon Malibar (India) and Bourbon Santos (Brazillian), along with Southern Mexican, Ethiopian and Sumatran flavors.
Stop by and see Damian and Brittany this Friday and enjoy some free drinks and snacks. If that’s not incentive enough, there’s also free WiFi, good music, and personality-plus working the bar.