Business Development Deal Family Food, Restaurants & Dining Spotlight Travel, Shopping & Leisure Fara Illich July 19, 2011

No doubt it gets hot in Downtown Phoenix. Glass, concrete, 110-degree temps, you know the formula.
yogurtiniBut that doesn’t mean there aren’t great ways for you to chill out.
Here’s an updated list of Downtown’s cool treat oases.
Yogurtini — Opening any second at CityScape, on the corner of Washington and 1st Street next to Vitamin T, Yogurtini will be dishing up your frozen yogurt favorites from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.
Dulcify PHX — This new yogurt joint debuted at the Phoenix Convention Center’s Metro Marche food court just in time for the All-Star Game. Hours will vary based on events happening at the building.
A Touch of Yogurt — Dishing up yummy yogurt from the corner of the Renaissance Tower (Washington and 1st Avenue) since 1987, Marcia and John Bruno are the Grand Poobahs of Downtown yogurt.
Bistro 202 — One of the lesser-known haunts for frozen goodies, Bistro 202 makes its gelato in-house and recently added ice cream to the menu (ASU students will enjoy the  Devilish Hot Fudge Sundae).
Cold Stone Creamery — Located across from 1130 The Restaurant at Arizona Center, Cold Stone Creamery is an Arizona favorite (and based in Scottsdale), offering ice cream, cakes, drinks and novelties.
And that’s the scoop on Downtown ice cream, yogurt and gelato. [Insert rim shot here.]