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Contrary to what you may have heard, Downtown Phoenix is not dead.
It’s undead.
zombieWEBThe Downtown Ambassadors and Arizona Ghostbusters will lead the Third Annual Zombie Walk this Saturday, Oct. 29, at 6 p.m. as a part of Rosson House Museum’s Hallowe’en extravaganza that takes place at Heritage Square from 2-10 p.m.
Zombie Walk started in 2009 when the Downtown Ambassadors and some of their friends decided it would be fun to dress up like reanimated corpses and meander through the streets of Downtown Phoenix.
Around 200 people attended that first Zombie Walk. A year later, over 2000 zombies descended on our urban core and Downtown Phoenix had a bona fide Zombie Apocalypse on its hands. (Or is it Zombie-ocalypse?)
“There will be food and music and fun for the kids but Zombie Walk is mostly a time when the zombie race can get together, talk about old times, and chow down on some brains,” said Zombie Ambassador Curtis Leach. “I really like brains.”
Zombie Walk 3 FAQ
Q: How do I dress like a zombie?
A: Here are some pictures from Zombie Walk 2.
Q: How much does Zombie Walk 3 cost?
A: Zombie Walk 3 is free to the public, but canned donations benefiting St. Mary’s Food Shelf are strongly encouraged.
Q: Where should zombies park?
A: Arizona Center has graciously allowed all Zombie Walk 3 attendees to park in their ramp for $5.
Q: What if don’t want to dress up like a zombie?
A: The world needs zombie victims, too.
Zombies will line up at Heritage Square around 5:30 p.m. and the walk, er, limp will begin at 6. Hallowe’en, sponsored by the Downtown Phoenix Partnership, X103.9 FM, Easley’s Fun Shop, Rosson House Museum, and CareScape, features live music from The Relics, The Alchemy Heart, and Checker’d Past, plus makeup artists, Halloween-themed vendors, food trucks, psychics, tarot readers, and much more. For a complete schedule please visit the Zombie Walk 3 web page.
See you Saturday!