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One of the biggest and best expos is returning to Downtown Phoenix the first week of December.
6a00d8341e3add53ef0162fbf8865c970d-800wiPHX Urban Expo presented by the Greater Phoenix Urban League will bring an exciting end to 2011 on Dec. 2 and 3 at Downtown Phoenix Convention Center.
Last year marked 65 years of excellence. The event was not only a first for Greater Phoenix Urban League but it was the first of its kind for the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area.
This year, the Expo will be held in Downtown Phoenix and it’s free and open to the public – bringing together families, seniors and youth with businesses interested in building a better Arizona through cultural connections.
The PHX Urban Expo will offer more than 100 exhibitors including retail and corporate displays along with educational, youth, financial, career, housing and health workshops.
One of the best things about the PHX Urban Expo is that local businesses can showcase themselves by being involved with one of Phoenix’s largest expos. PHX Urban Expo can give your business the chance to be exposed to over 8,000 people in just two days.
There are many ways for companies to participate in the PHX Urban Expo and promote your products and services.
Don’t miss out this great opportunity – contact a member of the PHX Urban Expo team at 602-254-5611 to discuss ways to grow your business by being a part of the PHX Urban Expo.
More information and applications are available at