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God of Carnage** is a 90-minute play with a simple set and no costume changes but you quickly realize that the only thing you want to focus on are the two uptight married couples—Michael and Veronica and Alan and Annette—whose sanity slowly unravels before your very eyes over coffee, uncontrollable cell phones, and a bottle of rum.
ATC_GodofCarnageGod of Carnage is like watching human evolution in reverse and it is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Wow. So many great lines!
You quickly learn that the couples get together at Michael and Veronica’s home after their young tween sons behave like well, boys, and get into a little recess scuffle.
One kid threw a punch; the other lost a tooth. Their parents want to discuss the situation like the civilized people they believe themselves to be but civility doesn’t prevail in Michael and Veronica’s living room. Soon the couples are throwing word punches (and coffee cake) about everything from child-rearing to the futility of marriage.
All four actors are high-energy and absolutely superb in this play. My favorite line came from Arizona Theatre Company veteran Bob Sorenson (Michael) who tells Joey Parsons (Annette), “Rum makes you crazy,” shortly before she destroys two bouquets of tulips, petal by petal, and puts the kibosh on any further good behavior. Seriously, you have to see it. Epically funny!
God of Carnage was written by Yasmina Reza and received a Tony Award in 2009 for Best Play. It runs Nov. 19 – Dec. 4 at Herberger Theater Center in Downtown Phoenix.
For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the Arizona Theatre Company Box Office.
Strap in and prepare to laugh till you hurt.
**God of Carnage contains mature language.