Bars & Nightlife Deal Featured Music & Events Fara Illich June 21, 2012

Young and Cheap Downtown chronicles our community editor’s attempt to actually have a social life Downtown while spending less than $10 per person.
“Do you know how to triple step?”
What I know are the three swing steps we were taught during the oh-so-brief dancing lesson. I’m pretty sure this “triple step” wasn’t one of them, but before I can muster a response my dance partner is doing something akin to galloping. Three little steps to my right, three little steps to my left. His fedora doesn’t move during any of this.
swing dancing at copper blues“I’m pretty sure we didn’t learn that!”
“Naw, but you can do it.”
Apparently I can’t. After a few efforts at triple stepping(?) in rhythm with the music while he spins and slides and does some fancy footwork, he lets me off the hook.
“We’ll just go back to the basic rock step.”
I’m in this whole swing dancing mess for the simple reason that I’m determined not to let my budget hamper my desire to experience the nightlife Downtown. I’m young, I’m adventurous and I’m, well, willing to try most anything as long as I can afford it. I gave my friend a copy of our What’s Happening guide and told her to pick something.  She chose swing dancing to live blues music from the Sugar Thieves at Copper Blues – which is free every Wednesday.
As soon as the basic lesson ended, I knew why she picked dancing.
Twirling around the floor, she was busting out some pretty advanced moves – this was clearly not her first time swing dancing. And yet, my inability to make my arms and feet move in time with the music wasn’t preventing me from having fun. The gents on the floor were more than happy to keep dancing with me, even if I did step on their toes a few times. Most importantly, the Sugar Thieves were kicking it.
After an hour of laughing my way through the open dancing, I called it a night. My feet were singing along with the music (pro tip: don’t wear sandals) and I had exhausted my repertoire of swing dance moves – yes, all four of them.
But I’ll be back – I hear they teach a few different moves every week.
Total cost: $16 for drinks for two people. Three blisters.
If you go: Hump Night Blues at Copper Blues kicks off at 7:30 p.m. every Wednesday. The dancing lesson occurs while the Sugar Thieves break between sets, around 8:30 p.m. Bring good dancing shoes.
Copper Blues
50 W. Jefferson St., Ste. 200
Phoenix, AZ 85003