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MathAlive!, a highly entertaining, interactive traveling exhibition that allows visitors to experience math in action, will open Sunday, July 8, at Arizona Science Center.
math-alive-girl-jumpThe exhibition brings to life all the various types of mathematics at work, whether in design, application or use, and behind the things kids love most – video games, sports, design, music, entertainment, space and robotics.
“Most people don’t realize that math touches almost every aspect of our daily lives, whether we’re aware of it or not,” said Chevy Humphrey, President and CEO of Arizona Science Center.
The exhibition is composed of six themed galleries. In each gallery, a range of high-tech, mechanical and multimedia interactive experiences provide challenges that use various types of mathematics as tools to help the visitor compete, design, build, optimize or just play, depending on the activity.
Visitors can design (and play) their own video games, take the controls to master-engineer various aspects of a modern city, edit their own animated movies, compete against others in a mountain bike race, jump into a ‘binary dance party,’ or program and control Curiosity, NASA’s next Mars rover. Through approximately 40 unique, interactive experiences, the exhibition takes math from its native form into the applied worlds of design, engineering, technology and science.
MathAlive! is designed to appeal to visitors of all ages and levels of math ability, but with particular relevance to kids grades 3-8.
MathAlive! will be open at Arizona Science Center from July 8 through Sept. 3. Costs are as follows: $5 for adults, $4 for seniors (62+), $3 for children (ages 3-17) and free for Center members.